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BizCeeVeeTV is a Division of Changing-IT For Good Ltd       

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Lichfield based, serving SME businesses UK wide

Lichfield based, serving SME businesses UK wide


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general CONTACT:

0207 1250210 or 07831 599100

We can work with you on an ad-hoc Project by Project basis, especially as we develop our working relationship with you and your Team, or we can work with you as an extended member of your Team by providing a more responsive resource and skill-set to supplement your current Team skills and availability. Sometimes your Team have just too many things cooking, and need extra legs. Sometimes you may just need someone who knows the innards of today’s platforms in a Marketing context.

Below, these engagement Options are described as Ad-hoc based or Retainer based. You can elect that we operate Ad-hoc and stay that way, or you may start working with us on an Ad-hoc basis but migrate to a Retainer basis once you can see the benefits of working with BizCeeVeeTV.

We have a wealth of skills to draw on, including all things Video, most things Marketing, and most things Internet including Multi-Channel Sales touch points and Sales Automation. Even if we don’t do it, we do understand it, and it’s place in the go-to-market jig-saw.


Choose how you would like us to engage

Relationship OPTION 1
Ad-hoc by Project

We will Produce Video content as and when you need the service. Whether it’s just one clip and a one-off, or a series of clips over time to a common theme or a common style.

You call - we respond - together we form a plan - and deliver.

We expect Payment in full 7 days after submission of our invoice. Our policy of “don’t like = don’t pay” prevails, as does our policy of “do like = do use = do pay”.

Relationship OPTION 2
Subscription-based and acting as an extension of your Team

We will agree a Monthly-based sum between £200 and £1,000 and we will effectively become almost a part-time employee of your Marketing operation (even if you don’t have one as such).

You will be allocated an appropriate number of hours/days per month to reflect the monthly subscription amount, and you will “call-off” Projects on-demand and YOUR requirements are prioritised to secure resources on command.

The arrangement will allow for occasions where you need to call-off in excess of the agreed allocation levels, to be paid for when eventually your bank of hours catches up with the level of the agreement. So your expenditure per period can remain constant even if your demand for the services is erratic with peaks over and above expectations.

Billing will be Monthly, on strict 30 Days terms. If there is a period of INACTIVITY of 3 months or more, then monthly billing will CEASE until activities resume, or until the bank of forward paid time is consumed.




Clip Output Vol umeEstimates

[p/Month] & (p/Annum) *

Monthly Subscription

QTY of
2-min Clips
[pMth] / (pAnnum)


[1] / (8)


[1.5] / (12)


[2] / (16)


[3] / (20)


[4] / (24)

* Estimates above will vary depending on type of content
   (e.g. simple Video, Multi-Cam Video, Graphics, Whiteboard,     Animation,    Motion Graphics, Slideware, CTA’s,
    Scene Count etc)

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