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Lichfield based, serving SME businesses UK wide

Lichfield based, serving SME businesses UK wide


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0207 1250210 or 07831 599100

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Social media platforms

Maximise your impact
as your social visitors LAND

SOCIAL is with us all now, and it presents a significant opportunity to ENGAGE, create an IMPACT, and achieve a CONTACT from your visitors.

By way of example, Facebook (and others) provides a COVER PROFILE picture and also a COVER IMAGE which is seen upon landing on your page. The COVER IMAGE is the diamond - and its capability is currently being missed by the majority of FB business page owners.

Your COVER IMAGE can be a VIDEO - not just a static photo, logo or graphic. With a Cover Video you can convey MOST of your key messages and brand info before your visitor meanders around your content (unstructured) - and this means that they get what you are about rapidly, and in an engaging modern way - with Video.

As a bi-product bonus, the Video clips can also be used on your website, or as rolling content on an exhibition or conference event.

The EXAMPLE Cover Videos above and below cost less than £200 to deliver. Get in touch and get yours cooking soon.

Social media


more Social media


Social media COVER VIDEO SAMPLES shown here cost less than £200

Periodic UPDATE service
just £89 for when you need clip tweeks / changes whilst retaining the core content

If you try to DIY this yourself you will likely come across as less than professional to your visitors.

Media needs to support multiple platform viewing with mixed formats and content viewing dimensions, else only PART of your Phone number or website URL might be visible !